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If homeownership is the goal, why are we waiting to buy? 👏🏼

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I totally get it! Times are hard for a first time home buyers right now. The market is competitive, starter homes are getting expensive, and everything around us costs so much money. But, to be a young adult and to be making such a great investment early on in life, will put you ahead in so many ways. If you have the means to buy a house right now, definitely start looking!

Yes, us young adults want our move-in ready, 3 bedroom family homes with open concept living areas, trendy kitchens, a new garage, big yard, in the most beautiful area, and more, but the reality is that your first home is just a steppingstone to get you to that bigger beautiful house.

We've seen in the past year how drastically house prices have increased. All of us who were shopping last year, wished that we had purchased back then and not waited until now. Next year, some of us who are hoping to buy this year, but deciding to wait, might be kicking ourselves later on too. Although things are starting to balance out, house prices won't really go down.

The market is competitive, but we’re actually in a sweet spot right now. Supply and demand is starting to balance out. There is a lot more inventory coming out and not every house is getting 23 offers anymore. There are good solid houses that are staying on the market for longer or selling with only two offers competing. Although rates have increased quite a bit over the last year, it is still cheap to borrow money. So, why are we waiting!

Buying a home now and building equity is such a great move as a young adult. If you’re interested in getting yourself set up for homeownership, let’s chat!

Victoria Beauchamp


The Hacking Team

Century 21 Advanced Realty

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