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My Team

My real estate family, The Hacking Team, picked me up when I was a young aspiring agent. I had just joined Century 21 Advanced Realty and still had my last module to complete before becoming licensed. George & Kasey were absolutely swamped with their business and needed help maintaining all their leads. One day, I got a phone call from Kasey (having never met her) and was asked if I wanted to tag along with them for the day. The rest is history.


I had no plans of joining a team, however, after several long days of working with Kasey and seeing how much was involved in maintaining such a successful business, I truly appreciated the opportunity I was given. Working with the Hackings put me years ahead of where I would’ve been as a solo agent. My first month of being a REALTOR® was overwhelming. I was still trying to learn how to do simple tasks like booking showings, while helping with paperwork and closing deals. It didn't help that I started in July, one of the busiest month of the year. Even with my help, the scale of their business was just too much for the three of us. There were afternoons where I would finally get everything done for paperwork and then another 6 deals would close. We were swamped! A couple months of sheer panic later, Hunter joined the team - thank God. The four of us got into our specific roles, and from there, The Hacking Team was born. At the time, I had no idea I would soon be a partner on an award winning real estate team.


“While we may be individually strong,
we are collectively powerful”


Kasey Hacking Personal Real Estate Corporation

Kasey Hacking

Kasey is the heart and soul of our team. Not only is she my business partner, but she is also my good friend and mentor. I’m very thankful to have her guidance through this crazy world of real estate. When it comes to listing homes, Kasey and I are likely to be partnered up. Together, we stage homes, gather listing details, and take photos, videos and tours for each of our listings. From signing the contract to having it go live, we've had listings done in 24 hours! #girlpower


Kasey started as a real estate assistant to her dad, George, at the young age of 15. She has been learning and growing ever since, becoming an incredible business woman. She is driven and fast moving with her work, but will never miss the opportunity to have a good conversation with someone who needs it, or take the time to explain things as thoroughly as possible. Kasey is our team leader and manages the overall operations. She is our goal setter, problem solver, and coach. 


Hunter Wonnacott

Hunter has been in the industry for over 10 years. Prior to real estate, Hunter spent 4 years specializing in mortgage financing. Hunter is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge and facts. He is the team’s Transactions Coordinator. Anything that requires a detailed eye and mind throughout each transaction will be done with incredible diligence, care, and accuracy. He will assist with document collection and signings, keep you informed with updates, and coordinate with your lender, lawyer, and any other agents involved.


The best thing about Hunter is that after any conversation you have with him, you will leave at least a little bit smarter than you were before. Asking Hunter a question means you will get the answer in the most thorough way possible, probably citing his sources, giving you exact dates and perhaps latitude/longitude details. He is always reliable and really takes his career and responsibilities seriously. We are so lucky to have such a pleasant and amiable person on our team. He is determined, solution-oriented, and most definitely one of the kindest people you will ever meet! Hunter’s wealth of knowledge is such an asset to our team. he is always available to help and we’re incredibly lucky to have such an intelligent person by our side.


George Gregory Hacking Personal Real Estate Corporation

George Hacking

When I went into this career, I was a little scared of big successful businessmen until I met George. George has been a top-producing REALTOR® for over 17 years with well over 30 years of business experience, so he’s definitely earned the title of “Big Successful Businessman." Although he takes his work very seriously, you will always be met with such warmth and humour. George is supportive, down to earth, and fun to be around.


George specializes in everything from residential and new builds, to agricultural farmland and commercial properties.

His negotiation strategy is fine-tuned and he is always eager to make a deal come together with the best outcome for our clients. He is a true expert who is driven to share his knowledge of the real estate market with all of us.


Victoria Beauchamp

As for me, I am the team’s Marketing Coordinator. Aside form being your REALTOR®, I handle all visual aspects of our listings to ensure they make the best first impression possible.


What makes me different as an agent is my knowledge of design and fine arts. When listing homes for my clients, I always talk about how to make their home show in the best way possible - whether it's rearranging a room, switching out decor, or a quick renovation to maximize your home’s potential. The first impression of prospective buyers is very important! 

When viewing homes with my clients, I always make a point to help them visualize themselves in the space. Whether we are talking about something as simple as interior decor or use of space, or as large as a renovation, I’m here to help. Not only do I have a good eye for design, but I'm also quick to see issues with the home that may be missed. Having a REALTOR® with a trained eye is a huge asset as a buyer. 

As we work together, feel free to ask any questions; there's nothing I love more than sharing my passion for real estate. 

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Team Gold.jpg

For the third consecutive year, we are WRREB Medallion award winners. This equates to the top 1% of all REALTORS® in Manitoba, not limited to any one brokerage. 

We stayed the #2 C21 Team in Manitoba by Units, stayed in the Top 1% of C21 Agents, and attained the CENTURION® Team award once again.

This year, we made it to the C21 TOP 21 List making us the #15 Team in CANADA by units.


2022 was a year we will always remember with great strides and progress made to ensure we have the right resources, skillful strategies, and excellent people in place for our clients.


We owe this all to our amazing clients, family & partners!

Thank you!

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