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Every home has a collection of stories and memories, whether you’ve lived there for 2 years or 45 years. From the decor, colours, and textiles, every home is unique to the owner. I love entering a home and looking around at the pieces of personality scattered throughout. Some homes are classic and sophisticated, where others are warm, cozy, and so inviting. It’s important as a REALTOR® to know my clients’ story, understand who they are, and why they may be selling or buying a new home.  Likewise, it’s important for my clients to know who I am and my story.


So, here is my road to real estate...


The first home I ever knew was in Elmwood where I lived with my parents and older brother. This was my parent’s first home together - a cute little 1940’s 1.5 storey. That home holds many memories, from learning to ride my bike, losing my first tooth, and many birthdays and holidays. We had a modest upbringing, which I am incredibly thankful for. I spent a lot of my childhood outside playing in the dirt and running around the neighbourhood - just like the good old days!


My father is the hardest worker I know. He worked every waking minute to make sure we always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. In his free time, he’d be in the back yard working on old cars. Every time he was tucked under a vehicle we were by his side listening to everything he had to teach us. The great thing about my father is that he raised me to be like one of the boys. He always made sure that I never felt small. I always got my turn with the wrench and he always trusted that I was smart enough to follow all the steps to an oil change. I was raised to feel capable of anything and he made it known since day one that the possibilities for me were limitless. He gave me the confidence I have today to strive for anything I want.


My mother is so kind. When we were younger, she was at home with us. She always encouraged us to play and be creative. Every time we felt like dressing up, dancing to our favourite song, or having a wrestling match, she’d grab the camera and cheer us on. Having married someone so silly and light-hearted, like my father, my brother and I were always free to be ourselves and have fun. This made for a childhood full of giggles and many embarrassing videos. My mother was born and raised in Guatemala. She was raised in what felt like a completely different world from us. From her own lessons as a child, she taught us a lot about being independent and caring for ourselves. She brought culture and warmth to our home, as well as stability and strength.


My brother is my favourite person. He is 2 years older than me and despite what you’d expect from a brother-sister relationship, we grew up as best friends. Growing up, I was my brother’s biggest fan. To the point that I gave away all of my Barbies and made sure to play with only G.I. Joes and Hot Wheels (so he’d think I was cool). Our childhood consisted of a plethora of inside jokes, dancing videos, bike rides, and so many giggles. As kids, we loved to draw together. I think this is where my creative spark was first ignited. I always looked forward to drawing with him, so we could laugh at our silly creations together. It was with him that I realized that what I pictured in my head  I could easily put onto paper. As we grew up, we stopped doodling together, but I started taking my talents a lot more seriously.


I’ve always considered myself an artist. As a child, I dreamed of being famous one day - Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo were my rockstars. To paint and draw all day was all I could ever dream of. In school, I would compete in local art competitions and paint murals for plays. Once I graduated, I started doing custom artwork; I would draw people, pets, cars, and more. One of my largest pieces was a mural for a local restaurant. As much as I love art, I became very tired of doing it as a job. Constantly having to paint or draw to meet deadlines really took the heart out of it. I decided to transition out of doing commission work and focused on moving forward with a new career path.


I starting working at the age of 15. I dipped my toes in many different industries - restaurant, retail, automotive, and education. In each job, I started at the bottom and worked my way up to management roles or positions that required a lot of responsibility. I always strived to better my position and take ownership of my roles. My favourite job was working as an Educational Assistant. I worked with high school students, some with special needs, some struggling with mental health, or some who just got set back in life. In the mornings, I worked in academic and resource classes; in the afternoons, I would take students out volunteering. Most of my jobs were very fast moving, but this one allowed me to slow down and hone in on an entirely different set of skills. In this field of work, I really learned how to listen, teach, and care.



Now, you’re probably wondering how I came to real estate…

Well, as someone who loves learning, this career provides many opportunities to gain more knowledge. In real estate, there is a constant flow of new people, new properties, and new obstacles to get past, so every day brings a different combination of new things. Market trends, new technologies, social media, and things that just pop up in each deal means there’s always something new to learn. In this career, you can continually set goals and improve yourself in many different facets.


I also really wanted a career that encouraged individuality and creativity. This career truly allows me to honour my artsy side and provides such great outlets for creativity; marketing, photos, videos, writing blogs… etc. They all scratch that creative itch. It was also very important for me to put a little personality into my work. When working with so many different types of people, you have to be authentic. Doing so has given me many great moments and bonded me with many of my clients.


While all of these items play a role in this career, the main reason I became a REALTOR® is to help people. Buying or selling a home is so exciting, however, the reality is that not every purchase or sale is going to be a happy experience.  In fact, I’ve even cried with a few clients. Sometimes it’s happy tears because we found the PERFECT house, but sometimes it’s recalling the memories that walk among the rooms and deciding to move on.


As much as I love all aspects of this career, my purpose is to educate, guide, and support. I’ll be the REALTOR® to provide you data, statistics, and handle the transaction from start to finish with absolute diligence and care, but most importantly, I’ll be there to support you through this journey.

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