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Prepping your home for the market ✨

Steps to prep your home for the market:

1. Repairs - Make a list of home repairs in order of importance. Then slowly chip away at it. The last thing a new buyer want is a move-in-ready home with a ton of little tasks still left to do.

2. Paint - Fresh paint goes a long way. Try to aim for a more neutral palette to appeal to more buyers.

3. Clean - Give your home a good deep clean. Wash the walls, dust off the cob webs, scrub everything!

4. Declutter - Got a few minutes here or there? Grab some trash bags and storage totes and start cleaning out drawers, closets and bookshelves. The less stuff you have, the cleaner and more spacious your home will appear.

5. Outdoors - Outdoor spaces can often be overlooked, but remember that that front door and front yard is the first thing the new buyers will look at it. Give them a good first impression!

If you're planning to sell, I'd love to meet with you, see your home and help you sell!

Give me a call, text or DM me and let's chat!


Victoria Beauchamp

Century 21 Advanced Realty

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